A Petition by Swiss Citizens

China’s President Xi Jinping is invited to the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos on the 17th January, 2017. This represents a precious chance and obligation for the Swiss Government and for the WEF organizers to talk with the Chinese President about basic human principles – including Human Rights – that should govern the economic and political relations between Switzerland and China.

We, therefore, request through this petition the Swiss Parliament, the Swiss Government and the WEF Presidency to raise all the points mentioned in our petition concerning the following issues:

1. To abolish the Laogai Forced Labor Camps

2. To stop the exploitation of the natural and water resources of the Tibetan Plateau

3. To guarantee the general Freedom of Movement, of Expression and Information

4. To guarantee the freedom of the Tibetan people, the Uighur people as well as the fundamental human rights of the ethnic nationalities in China

5. To comply to the General Clauses of Human Rights and International Labour standards within the Execution of the Free Trade Agreement between Switzerland and the People’s Republic of China



See here for the complete text of the petition


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